mythicalmenace's Journal

mythical menace
"Millenia and Centurys of sacred verse
Have done little to quench my endless thirst
The root of all evil is what I seek, though
It be plain evil that people see in me
A flawed likeness of Him I am deemed,
To the pearly white gates I shall not be received
To the molten rivers of metal and stone
Is the one likely place that will be my next home
Cursed is the soul that inhabits this vessel
Where the angels and their fallen bretheren wrestle
A losing battle for the army of the pure and sacred
Is a hopeless war for His army, and mistaken
Foolish He is, and more greedy so
To command obedience with a fist unshakable
Like the very men who knew humans breakable
To the wildest doctrines of those mentioned in fable
Who wrote the most compelling works as They were able
Creating a race of brainwashed swine
Whose only goal is a mythical divine...
But yield, for the dream is only so attainable
Indeed, for only those that read beyond the fable
Free your mind from the constraints of His book
So you may one day explain why dinosaurs are overlooked
There is more to know than can be noted by 12 men
And the process starts with putting to rest, "amen"
Let His gift guide you, if thats what you believe
Life is but a feeling, which you must perceive
Reservations must be cast away
If you are to experience that light of a brighter day
Then you must shed the brainwashing's decay
Assemble the pieces for yourself
And do not rely on heaven or hell
In realm that I speak of
Only you know the beauty
Because you live life at the pace you choose
No matter what you do, there is no way to lose
For you the conditions are risky
And the road less travelled even more rickety
The journey is worth the effort
The time is not wasted
As long as you continue religion
It's true life you've never tasted." -(taken from 'The Philosophy Of The Atheist' by A.A.L.)
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